Emma’s Latest Coffee Adventures 12.0 – The Lost And Forgotten
A Frappé and a pie from McDonald's, back in like... July... Hi there! I have not done an ELCA since July I think, but I have had a folder with pictures ready for months, that have just been waiting to be posted, but I never got around to do it, until now. So here we have it, Emma's Latest Coffee Adventures 12.0, the Lost and Forgotten edition. Went grocery shopping and noticed there was a new range of coffee drinks out. I obviously had to buy one and try. The Burger King coffee I drank on my dad's birthday, I have a blog post about it here. One day, my staff wanted to try this protein ice cream they had seem at a grocery shop, so I went along and bought one too. One day my dad and I went to Max and I had an ice latte and my dad had one of their special milkshakes. We also bought onion rings. They are important. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube