Supernova: The Breakthrough of a YouTube Star | Almond Magazine
Supernova: The Breakthrough of a YouTube Star Charis Ow debuts her first single with K-pop inspired music video It's a dream come true for Charis Ow to launch her first single Supernova with a K-pop inspired music video. Whether it be a YouTube sketch, television programme, or even plastered on a bus in downtown KL, it's likely that you've seen Charis Ow before. She entered the Malaysian entertainment scene in 2014, and has been growing her audience ever since. Most recently the starlet has embarked on her next creative expedition - her first single and music video. Charis Ow Supernova - Album Cover "Supernova," penned and performed in Bahasa Malaysia tells the story of a shy, and sweet girl who's crushing hard on a cute boy. The music video follows Charis on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, creatively illustrating the universal feelings associated with feeling too shy to talk to the person you're interested in. In this scenario, it turns out that both parties share feelings,