I went into 2017 with a goal of becoming certified to teach group fitness, and I'm proud to say that I reached that goal. I hope to implement more weight training again this year, but for the last several months my focus has been on dance aerobics. Meeting and sweating with Richard Simmons throughout 2011 and 2012 inspired me to change my life, and now it's my goal to help others know that they're valuable and that they have what it takes to make today better than yesterday. My goal in pursuing fitness, along with another degree in Health and Wellness, is to help people understand that you don't have to be skinny - you don't even have to reach your ultimate goal - before you start feeling good about yourself. I know this from experience, and I plan to share this "secret" with anyone and everyone who will listen. Throughout the cooler less blazing hot months in New Orleans, I enjoy walking around my neighborhood. I also like to exercise with friends at the [...]