About Kenlie
Once upon a time I lost over 100 pounds. I didn't regain everything I lost, but I came close enough that I could no longer deny that something needed to change. It's been a slow, sometimes painful process, but I'm currently only a few pounds away from my lowest weight as an adult - 284 pounds. I know I'm still heavy, but after losing over 100 pounds (again) I can honestly say that I feel good. I suppose I'll feel better if I continue to shed the excess weight, but one major difference this time around is that I'm at peace. I'm okay with it if people don't life or accept me, but the truth is that most of them do. I'm okay if I'm not attractive to the average guy on the street because I'm married to an extraordinary man who's never hesitant to tell me and show how much I mean to him. I love Jesus, my family and my friends. I've lived in some pretty interesting places like Oklahoma, Los Angeles and New York City, and I'm thankful for the life that I'm living [...]