Priorities, Weight Changes, and WW
Someone left a comment on my blog recently asking why I don't admit that I have a problem with food, and while I think the comment was sincere, it was a bit misguided. I've been blogging here for almost 10 years, and there's no way I'd go back and read all of my old posts. I definitely wouldn't encourage anyone else to do it either, so it's understandable that this reader may not know that I wrote about my problems with food regularly for years. If you're new here, or you're just an occasional lurker, let me be clear about something. I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I don't like food in the mornings, so I tend to skip meals until late in the day. I drink coffee almost daily, but I drink it mid-morning, and I don't drink enough water throughout the day. I currently weigh around 300 pounds, which is over 100 pounds less than I weighed at my heaviest. I don't exercise regularly, but I used to. I don't binge eat, I don't drink sodas, and I like evening [...]