The End of School (At Least Until Next Year)
The fall semester is in full swing. I work in admissions, which means it's been a busy time at the office, but this semester is significant because it's my last one as an undergraduate student. I used to feel so embarrassed about the fact that it's taken me so many years to graduate from this place, but now I'm pretty proud of myself for not giving up. It would have been easy to quit or to continue feeling bad about myself because it took me longer than it could have, but I didn't. I do wish I would have started sooner, but now, one of the key aspects of my job is to help people realize that it's not too late to start doing what they want to do. I even spoke about it to a group of incoming students at orientation at the beginning of the semester, which was fun. That's one of the key aspects of this blog too, isn't it? I always thought that I needed to follow a certain path to be happy and healthy, but I've learned that every path is different. My experiences [...]