Self-Care and the Discipline of Rest
This whole year has been incredibly busy, and Michael and I agree that it's important to rest. Actually, we think it's so important that we started scheduling a time to rest each week because if we don't we'll wear ourselves out. I'm typically off on Fridays because I work longer hours Monday through Thursday, but that's the day when I do things that I don't make time to do during the week like meet friends for lunch, shop for my favorite staples from Trader Joe's, and catch up on homework for that week. I also make trips to visit Mom on Fridays, so I try to relax in the quiet at home at some point over the weekend. Over the weekend I enjoyed the sunshine and a latte with a friend at District Donuts. The weather is finally cooling off in New Orleans, so it's a joy to be outside. I've added walking back into my routine on days when I don't feel like doing my typical cardio, which is fun when it's not over 100 degrees with 98% humidity outside. The coffee is [...]