Would You Attend Your 20th High School Reunion?
I'm sitting in my home office while my husband prepares breakfast, and it seems so crazy and awesome that we're approaching our first anniversary so quickly. June 3rd will mark a year that we've been married, and while it's been a year filled with change, it's also been one of the best years of my life so far. June 3rd is also the date of my 20th high school reunion, and while we ultimately decided to take a vacation elsewhere, we did consider heading up to Oklahoma to see family and old friends. I enjoyed high school, but the years after it proved to be the darkest, most difficult of my life for reasons that I'll probably never talk about on the internet. My senior year of high school was hard, though I do have fond memories of friends. I didn't stay in close contact with many people from Oklahoma, but there are people from middle school and junior high who are still important to me today. They knew me when my life was hardest, and they still choose to love [...]