What Are You Watching on Netflix?
When we moved, Michael and I decided to take a break from cable because neither one of us watches much TV. We do have Sling, so I'm able to record Hallmark movies, of course! We also have Netflix, and we are currently watching White Collar. I watched it when it originally aired on USA Network, though I didn't watch the final season. Before White Collar, we watched Madam Secretary, which we loved. I'm really looking forward to when the latest season comes out on Netflix because we'll definitely binge watch that! I watched Cedar Cove recently too, but I'm not sure what we'll watch after White Collar. We only watch a few hours of TV per week, but it's a fun to curl up on the sofa with my husband (and maybe a glass of rose) to watch a well-written show. We don't watch things that are particularly dark, violent, or scandalous, but we do enjoy the shows I mentioned above. What are you watching on Netflix? Do you have a favorite show that you'd share with me? Share [...]