Do What You Enjoy
If you know anything about me, you probably know that I enjoy crafting. I think it's important to do things that we enjoy on a regular basis. I like spending time with Michael, but it's not the only thing I like. I like cooking and baking and taking baths with pretty bath bombs from Lush, but that makes me sleepy. I also like watching Netflix, but I find that sitting on the sofa to watch TV makes me tired whether I'm tired or not. I read a lot. I used to enjoy scrapbooking as much as reading too, and I've found myself enjoying it again lately. I think making memories and printing photos from our adventures makes it more fun. Having more room in our new home also makes it easier, and now that I've adjusted to my new schedule I'm getting back to doing some of the other things that I enjoy. I knitted a lot over the winter, and my cup sweaters are doing their job as my intake of cold brew coffee increases. I make it at home most of the time, but I still keep cup [...]