Time and Priorities
It's been a few months since I made time to write anything here, and I think it's safe to say that I'm no longer really a blogger. And that's okay. My life has been filled with change over the last couple of years, and it hasn't slowed all... Since I last updated this blog I've gotten comfortable in my new position in admissions, and we also moved into a place that is significantly bigger than the place I called home for almost six years. My last apartment was such a great place to live, but now that I'm married, it's so nice to live in our favorite part of town. We even have excess closet space, which definitely didn't exist downtown. My favorite part of our new place is my little office. For the last several years I had to use my small dining table to eat, write, craft, and pretty much everything else. Now I have a dedicated space for my creativity, which is a great feeling. Michael has his own dedicated office as well, which is great for him too. [...]