Black Lives Matter, and I’m Sorry I Didn’t Acknowledge That Sooner
I'm white. Actually, I'm American Indian too, but I look white. And I've never really given that much thought until this week. I'm a white person who strives to love people whether I've known them for a day or for a decade, and I don't think that's a reason to be proud. As a Jesus follower I'm commanded to love people, and most of the time it's the easiest part of walking in relationship with God. Right now the world is hurting, and I've spent a lot of time over the last 48 hours being sad about the state of my city, our nation and our world. I've chosen to surrender my desire to obsess over the 24 hour news cycles that used to consume me, but this pain is felt everywhere. It's impossible to scroll through my Facebook feed without seeing countless posts about the long list of people who've lost their lives over the last few days. I know that murder, death and persecution extend far beyond our American borders, but Alton Sterling was shot an hour away from [...]