Let’s Talk About How Much I Weigh Today
It's been a while since I said anything here, and it's been a really long while since I used this blog for its intended purpose - accountability. When my blog disappeared from the internet recently I thought about whether or not I should keep it or let it go. Thankfully, GoDaddy recognized the mistake and restored it, but during that period I did some reflecting. Does anyone read blogs these days? Is blogging still a thing? Should I let it go since it hasn't served its intended purpose in a long time? At some points this blog was an empowering tool, but it also led to significant pain at other points. Is any of it relevant anymore? I've changed so much. Do those changes really need to be documented online? Will anyone actually read it if I do write? All of these thoughts and questions swirled in my mind over the 24-hour period in which it was gone. I even posed a question on Facebook asking for opinions about whether or not I should pay the $150 fee to have it [...]