What I Loved About Fitbloggin
Last week while I was on a plane I wrote a gushy post about everything that I was looking forward to once I arrived in Portland. The week before had been incredibly stressful, and I was determined to leave it in the past so I focused on what would make me happy. I scheduled it, but it never published. Oops! I scheduled a Friend Makin' Mondays post (knowing that I'd still be in Portland on the following Monday,) and that published early. Oops! I had some technical issues last week, and I hope they're resolved now. I suppose we'll see in time, won't we? 😉 Once I arrived in Portland, I didn't spend much time blogging. I wrote a post for, but apart from that, I enjoyed everything as it happened. I did a little tweeting, Facebook-ing and Instagram-ing, but I didn't spend much time looking at my computer screen or my phone which is odd for me. I also managed to miss an entire week of news, and for this Anderson Cooper junkie, [...]