Feeling Frumpy Lately
I've always been a firm believer in that we should do our best with what we have. Even when I weighed 400 pounds I wore dresses often, got manicures and pedicures regularly, took time to blow dry and style my hair and to apply makeup. I accessorized at my heaviest weight as well. I am a feminine lady, but lately I've been feeling frumpy and plain. I still dress well some days, but far too often, I find myself wearing yoga pants and a hoodie all day. When did I decide that was a good idea to go to class, followed by trivia night, looking like I should be at home on my sofa? I suppose it happened when I put on some weight after the hurricane. I've noticed a decline in the way I dress and feel because I'm a more bloated version of myself than I want to be. Yes, I was still overweight before that, but the twenty or so pounds I've added has made an incredible difference in the way I see myself. Look, I'm trying to get it under control. My workouts [...]