My Day at McCormick
The Suit and I arrived in Baltimore safely and right on time yesterday, and it has been non-stop since we arrived! Immediately upon check-in we left to visit the McCormick facility just outside of Baltimore, and we had an incredible experience there. They welcomed about 100 folks from Fitbloggin' by serving us an incredibly delicious lunch. It was healthy, beautifully displayed and satisfying! I don't know how to describe my meal except to say that it was a plate of awesome. It was so cool to visit a place that had so much incredible food that I could eat without guilt! 🙂 And they showed us how to do it too which means I'm going to go home and try. Do you think I can make it look like this? The photo above is the first thing I plan to make in my new apartment. It's a ribbon salad make of zucchini and yellow squash. The tomatoes and herbs make it incredible even though it's easy. After lunch and before dessert (yes, dessert!) we learned a lot [...]