Is Medifast Smart and Sustainable?
Last week I received an e-mail from a reader who wants my opinion about her journey. She knows I'm not an expert, but it seems like she reached out because she's not sure what to do. And it was a smart move because now I can ask you to offer your opinions and advice as well. She prefers to stay anonymous, but here's her story: "I've been dieting off and on for years and now I'm needing a little advice. I started my journey (again!) at 424 pounds and with Medifast I am now down to 390 (in 6 weeks). Here's the "rub" though...I'm now at a point where I am exercising every day and at 390 pounds it doesn't take much to burn 400 calories in a workout. But, I'm only consuming about 800 calories so my NET calorie intake is only around 400! ...I'm still so far under my calories it isn't even funny. Am I at the point now where I need to walk away from Medifast and do this on my own? ... My Medifast coach obviously wants me to stay with that program, but, how in [...]