Morning Workouts? Moi?
I did some things differently today, and they worked out well that way. Last night I was in bed before 10pm which doesn't usually happen unless I'm sick so I was up early this morning. I studied for my quiz and worked out and showered before going to class, and I made an A on my quiz. (Yay!) I also managed to complete a pretty fast mile. I typically stay around 4 mph or a little higher, but today I rocked my first mile at 5.27 mph. That's lightening speed for me! Maybe I could like being a morning workout person. Who knew? After I did my "quick" mile I did a couple of slow ones before working my upper body. It wasn't a long workout, but it was intense. There's something about being in the gym and sweating hard that makes me feel good about myself. Obviously, it feels good to know I'm doing something good for myself, but it's more than that. When I'm sweating I'm able to let go of my negative thoughts because my mind is filled with the [...]