Bittersweet: Calorie Counting Hell
Does anyone remember the party that I went to at this time last year? I must have mentioned it. But in case you didn't hear about it, here some pictures from the event. I forgot to take pictures of the food, opting only to take pictures of the dessert, but you get the idea. The cupcakes were equally distributed on both sides of the tower between the brownies and the tables of cookies, pound cake, ice cream and other sweets. There was a fruit table too, and it was my saving grace even though I enjoy fresh fruit so much more when an endless supply of cupcakes is not a realistic option. And it's that time of year again. The party is tomorrow, and the menu is the same as last year - ribs, burgers, hot dogs, beans, Cajun specialties and a list of other things including but not limited to ice cream and movie popcorn. There will be live music and games, and the food will be served fresh all day. I'll be there with my family from 10am until 4pm, and I'm [...]