Thursdays Matter Too
I've been doing things differently over the last couple of weeks, and I've been feeling healthy and strong as a result! Earlier this week I shared my decision to eat with more regularity on Thursdays, and I did. I also decided to workout before attending my meeting, another thing that I have never been comfortable doing before stepping on the scale. And I was down 0.6 pounds. Since I started my weight-loss journey, I've heard all kinds of advice from folks who have similar goals and interests. My first trainer told me not to workout just before stepping on the scale because I'd weigh a few pounds more. Several fellow weight-loss friends shared that they don't drink as much or eat as much before the step on the scale....Some don't eat foods that are high in sodium the day before weigh-in, etc. You get the idea, and I've done all of these things too. But I threw all of that out of the window yesterday, and I'm glad I did. I am no longer afraid to [...]