Vitamins: Yes or No? And Why?
I experienced some pretty harsh winters living in New York, but (most of the time) I embraced it. I rode my bike outside on days in which the temp never got above 20 degrees (which might explain why I was so sick during the winter.) And before my weight-loss journey began, I walked around Manhattan without buttoning my coat. But even on the coldest days, I didn't have dry skin. My skin was soft and smooth, and I believe it's because I took Flaxseed Oil vitamins regularly. At some point, after leaving New York, I stopped taking them, and earlier this month I noticed that for the first time in memory, my skin was a little dry! Yikes! Even as an overweight girl who doesn't like much about the way I look, I've always taken pride in my outward appearance. I dress well and keep myself well-manicured, and my skin is soft! So the dryness that appeared on my legs was unacceptable! The quick remember was lotion, of course, but I wanted smooth skin again [...]