No More Boyfriend For Kenlie, (Or Dear Penny, I Want A Bravo)
Many of you are probably familiar with the bravo stickers that Weight Watchers leaders give out when their members do something good, and next Thursday, I'll be collecting at least one. Cal and I broke up today. Well, it was official today, and we discussed it just before my weekly weigh-in so I walked into my meeting trying not to burst into tears. And yeah, that lasted until someone said hello. I let it all out before the meeting. I cried, weighed in then cried more. Oh, and I'm down 3.4 pounds this week which exceeded the two that I hoped to lose so I'll definitely take it. Anyway, after feeling rather miserable during the meeting (I honestly can't even tell you what it was about) I went to dinner with some friends who were talking about hitting the gym. I typically do not workout on Thursdays so I drove home. And as I was changing clothes I decided I'd hit the gym too. As a treat to myself, I paid for a day pass to Peak Performance, the [...]