Internal Reset
I'm finally starting to dig out of the hole I've been in during the last couple of weeks, and while I have used feeling guilty about feeling happy as an excuse to eat poorly and skip workouts over the last several days, I'm done. That line of thinking isn't getting me anywhere (that I want to be) so everything starts new right now. Last week, I expressed to Cal that I felt bloated and completely yucky because I had eaten crap for a few days in a row which was really, more accurately, a few weeks in a row. And he offered to help me turn it around if I wanted him to, and he started by reminding my how much I love egg whites and veggies Sunday morning. We were in a rush to get to Uncle W's memorial service, but instead of grabbing marshmallow treats, he helped me chop zucchini and tomatoes for egg white omelets to go. My day started strong, but it went downhill when I saw the cupcakes at the dinner after the memorial. I ate the cupcake with the [...]