One Pound? Really?
This week has been pretty intense for me. A few nights ago, I spent over three hours writing a post that I'm still too embarrassed/afraid to publish, and it was emotionally draining. It has also been an up-hill battle to complete my workouts -actually, I'm struggling to believe I'm worth the effort to start the workouts. Since Tuesday, I have completed a 5k, 50 minutes of aerobics and half an hour of circuit training. These are good things, but I can do much more. I have improved, but I'm still outside of my "exerciseisapartofmydailylifeandiloveit" zone. I missing being in the zone. It's been hard. And I've fallen into some other bad habits lately like eating (portion controlled amounts of) bread everyday. I don't believe bread is evil, nor do I believe that one must forgo all bread to be successful in weight-loss. That's just silly. But it seems that while I've (mostly) squashed the relationship I formed with homemade trail mix last week, [...]