Four Letter Words
I cannot stand the word "diet." I'd rather hear words starting with the letter "F" than to be asked whether or not I can eat this or that "on my diet." Going on a diet implies, at least to me, that I'm doing something temporary, and that's just not true. It cannot be true. My friend, Hillary, said "the original definition of the word was the foods we ate. People have turned it into the ones we don't. Everyone is "on a diet" if they eat food so let's show people that they are using it incorrectly." You can find Hillary's blog at She made a great point. We are all on diets, but in weight-loss it means something so different now. Few people would argue with me when I say that permanent change can be found when we change our habits in ways that we can sustain for a lifetime, right? I'm still testing this theory, but I believe it's true. Changing my habits permanently is the best shot I have at losing the remainder of my excess [...]