Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Swap
I'm so excited to host a 12 Days of Christmas swap with one of my bloggy besties, Janna! If you're not already following her then head over and say hi. She's awesome so you'll be glad you did. Anyway, Janna and I love presents so we've decided to host a fabulous swap. 🙂 Our plan is to assign partners then create packages with 12 little gifts inside - each wrapped separately so that we all have gifts to open for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. 🙂 Here is a list of the particulars that you need to know if you plan to participate: * You must have a blog to participate! It's important because participants will be asked to post about the event on their blogs too. We want to see what everyone receives! 🙂* This swap is only open to bloggers in the US. I heart my international friends, but shipping will be too complicated at this time of year. We should have come up with this idea sooner, right? 😉* Don't be cheap! The gifts don't need to be [...]