Falling Down
I fell down yesterday for the first time in over a year. I was in the shower at a hotel when the phone rang, and I jumped out quickly to answer it thinking it could only be one person. I didn't consider the fact that it was most likely housekeeping, but it was. Ha.. When I came out of the shower I slipped on the wet floor and fell to my knees - not exactly my shining moment, but I was alone...thankfully. And my immediate thought upon impact was "Wow! This is my first fall in over a year. I used to fall all the time, and nothing feels broken this time." The fall caused a few bruises on my right leg and one on my left, but it reminded me how far I've come. Before I began losing weight, I fell regularly. My mom would be the first to tell you that I'm just naturally clumsy. I worried about walking in the rain, the snow and in shoes that were not sneakers. My legs fought constantly to maintain balance because of all of the added weight on my body's frame. [...]