Weigh-In and Water Update
Today was weigh-in day, and I lost two pounds. I really needed this after the lame weigh-ins I had for two weeks prior. I have definitely regained full control, and it feels good to know that when I'm doing my best it's enough to show a good loss. The meeting was great tonight, and one of the highlights for me was very personal. As I sat in the meeting I realized that I had been sitting there with my legs crossed in my denim pencil skirt. My legs were crossed for almost an hour before I noticed - and that's new for me. It was also new to be wearing a pencil skirt. Non-scale victories + a loss on the scale = a good evening. My water consumption was slower today, but I still managed to have 14 glasses. That's more than enough to keep me feeling hydrated. (My WW receptionist who also happens to be an extraordinary leader in another meeting was drinking water like a champ along with several of us at the meeting!) Now we're on to Day 5 of the challenge, and [...]