More Reflection
If you know me, you know that I love myself (most of the time.) But when it comes to my body, which is a work in progress for sure, I still find it terribly hard to accept it as it is today. Don't get me wrong..I've made tremendous progress! I think I put myself out here from day to day because it's the best way to stay honest with myself. But it's also because you all prove to me time and again that being exactly who I am right now is okay. And I think now it's more important than ever to remember that this person I am right now is enough. It's not always easy to push insecure thoughts out of my mind, but when I do I often realize that people are willing to accept me and love me as I am. And because I believe that's true, I'm going to share pictures from the weekend - even though I don't feel pretty or put together or cool when I look at them. {This is me growing people..just saying.} Saturday, while I was at a pool party with friends, a few cool things [...]