Not Much To Say
It's weigh-in day, and I'm seriously anxious because I hit exactly 100.0 pounds last week. I'd like to see a decent loss this week, but I definitely don't want to see a gain. It would be devastating (even though I'd just keep moving forward.) Life has been good since my last update. I spent the evening with one of my favorite bands and some of my favorite friends...I saw a friend that I haven't seen since the late 90's...I worked out like a maniac for 70 minutes yesterday and 30 today. And I've made a new, inspiring friend who has helped me remember some of the wonderful things that I had forgotten (for too long) about my hometown. I'll have my new car in a couple of hours so today should be fun too. Monday was a tough day, and I ate dinner out last night too (which I have not done on a Wednesday in over a year.) I ate plain, unseasoned salmon because it seemed like the smartest choice. I don't even like salmon! So while I could have done a few things [...]