Finding My Confidence
It's already weigh-in day, and I'm relieved to say that I've made many healthy choices this week. The treadmill and I have renewed our relationship because it's been a little too cold to walk/jog outside, and I realized that it's much easier to push myself in the gym because there's no lagging on machines. Regardless of weather, I'll be on the treadmill again this week. After last week's terrible food choices and weight gain, I am hoping that the scale is kind today. Today I deserve it. This week I did my best. There will always be room for improvement, but I controlled myself which makes me victorious. So why am I still so nervous to step on the scale? I've weighed in over 50 times over the last 13 months, and (including last week) I've only gained 5 times. And in the weeks following those gains I was nervous to step on the scale - afraid of not seeing the fruits of my labor. But that fear was in vain. I saw losses again. Each time I step on the scale [...]