And Then I Remember
I don't eat anything without thinking about the ramifications first. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to think about it as much. How many calories is in that cookie? Do I really want to waste calories on this mojito? Wait a minute...that has how many points? Sometimes I wish I could just revert to the days in which my head was not a 'food content calculator' - when I sat on the sofa eating something just because it tasted sooooo good. When I looked forward to eating sesame chicken and fried rice with a soda or two (because who could enjoy Chinese food without a coke?) Yesterday I was in the Bronx with my boyfriend's mother. And she showed me around Arthur Ave. (Little Italy) where the old Italians serve up fresh sausage, prosciutto, bread and every other decadent thing you can imagine. We stopped at brick oven called Giovanni's where she ate a slice of pie (pizza) and I ate a chicken roll - one of the first things I've eaten in ages without knowing [...]