There’s So Much More
I read a lot of blogs, and I talk to a lot of people...yah, it's true. 😉 And I've heard a lot of talk about forgetting the scale, and I respect those who choose do it. But I've got some serious weight to lose so I can't/won't do that because the scale is the easiest way to gauge my progress from week to week. But does the scale say it all? Absolutely not! Another way I track my progress is through measurements. I've been weighed and measured every month since I began working with a trainer on April 22 of last year (twenty days after I began changing my life.) And after my latest measurements Friday, I looked back at the log at the gym and liked what I saw. I've lost 48.5 inches around my body (arms, chest, hips, abdomen, waist, and thighs) to date. Watching these measurements change a little every month is nice, but when it's all added up it's just fantastic. I only wish I had been measuring my calves from the beginning because those have gotten [...]