She Has Already Done It
I find inspiration in many things, but few things are as inspiring as seeing someone reach the same kind of goal that you're trying to reach. And Sarah has done it. She has lost 185 pounds and kept it off for over five years! (Before) (After) Though I've never seen her face to face she has quickly become one of my favorite people. But it didn't start that way. When I first connected with her on Twitter, I found it very hard to read some of her posts - so hard, in fact, that I quit following her for a few days. Then something clicked in my mind. She was an awesome person, but it was extraordinarily hard to read her posts because they seemed so far away from where I was - and exactly where I wanted to be. But guess took Sarah quite a bit of time to get where she is. And she works at it to stay that way. It's not easy, but it can be done. She's done it, and I'm half way there. I asked her to share a bit about her weight-loss, maintenance and [...]