I weighed in today, and I lost 1.4 pounds. I was a bit disappointed because I worked so hard the week prior, but I didn't eat much over the weekend. And I didn't work out (because I'm sick..have you heard? hehe) So I really shouldn't be disappointed about losing 1.4 pounds. And to cheer myself up, I decided to revisit some of the coats that didn't fit before. I took pictures of my progress a few months ago when they did fit, but I thought I'd do it again because they're even bigger now. Yay. If you ever need to feel excited about your weight loss then look back at pictures from before you started. It will work..believe me. I posted before pics and current pics in October too (in the same coats.) Click here to see the progress I had made by October. So here are a few updated pics of my coats... (Last winter I couldn't button it.) (Today, I can wrap it pretty far around..hehe) (Again..couldn't button it. See me trying to hide that fact?) (Now check out [...]