Would You Date Someone Shorter Than You?
I've had good luck (or judgement) in dating for the most part. I've dated guys who could be described as sincere, honest, loyal, successful and smart. They've all been pretty handsome too - and tall. I'm 5' 4" (on a tall day) so it's not hard to date guys who are taller than me, but sometimes that's not enough. Almost immediately after moving to The City that Never Sleeps, I became friends with a guy that was 5' 6" (on a good day) and 128 pounds. Can you imagine? He had one of the most beautiful faces I'd ever seen. He said he loved me, kissed my cheek every time I saw him and even introduced me to his parents. But we both knew that he was too small, more accurately , I was too big for us to work out in a dating relationship. We were friends so it was okay for a while, but in the end, we both moved on in different directions. And I realize now that it had to be this way because I was so unhappy around him. I turned into this blob of insecurity who could [...]