Facing The Music
Today is weigh-in day, and I'm honestly not sure how I'll do. I didn't eat as well as I normally do while I was in Vegas. And while I watched my portions, only eating half of a bacon cheeseburger and eating mashed potatoes instead of french fries, I certainly cannot say I made the best choices. I did attempt to make healthy choices most days, but I was not in my regular exercise routine either. When we ate at Spago, one of Wolfgang Puck's restaurants, I ordered chicken breast and removed the skin. And we stayed at the Venetian which is gigantic so I did a lot of walking to and from my room as well as shopping for hours on end. I also walked the length of the strip one day and over half of it the day before. We'll see if the scale thinks that was enough. Josh (who, by the way, is in sick shape) and I shared this banana cream pie one evening, and between the two of us, we still left over half of the dessert uneaten. But as you can see, I did enjoy some [...]