Body Mass Index
You all know that I weigh in every Thursday. But each month, I have my measurements taken too so I know that I've lost over 40 inches around my body since I began working out and eating well in April. And each time I was measured, my trainer attempted to take my BMI, but because I am still over 250 pounds, it was impossible to read on their machines. Obviously, this means I could never measure so while I knew that my percentage of body fat well much higher than it should be, I wasn't sure how to track my improvement. In January, my friend and workout buddy, Carol, was able to calculate my BMI from my starting weight and at my current weight. My starting weight was 393.6 pounds, and at 5'4" my BMI was 67.62. And on January 28, my weight was 318 pounds making my BMI 54.58. And now, at 309 pounds, my BMI is 53.03. I don't know what you think about that, but I think it's pretty damn awesome. 😉 See? I really am shrinking! April 2009: 67.62Feb 2010: [...]