Ten Things I Have Gained From Being Overweight
1) Loved ones who accept me as I am, who support me in my weight-loss efforts and in the rest of my life as well.It is pretty awesome to call my parents, my sister and my boyfriend every week to tell them about my progress while hearing the joy and pride they feel for me and my accomplishments even in weeks that I wish I had done better. 2) The knowledge that I can change myself even when it seems impossible. I can do push-ups, crunches, bicycle crunches and loads of other exercises that I assumed I could not do until I tried. 3) A network of supportive friends who encourage me through my blog and their blogs and Facebook and twitter. 4) A boyfriend who loves me regardless of how I look. When I met him, I joked that I would be "good investment." And while I'm trying to make good on my word now, he has treated me like I'm more precious than gold from day one. 5) The opportunity to be more than thin -- to be thin and healthy. Healthy is important, but being [...]