My Message To David K
I know that people experience success in weight loss everyday. And while I've never publicly shared my story - you know, what brought me to that point in which I had to lose weight, I think someday I will. And while I may never be on the cover of WW magazine or the focus of a ticker tape parade, I hope to be recognized as a girl who has done more than survive...I want to be known as a girl who thrives. If you're linked to me on Twitter, then you probably know how much I unabashedly adore @dkirchhoff who happens to be the author of a fantastic blog called Man Meets Scale and a big part of the Weight Watchers team. And while it's more likely that I'll lose 100 pounds this week than it is that he'll ever read my blog, I'm going to write what I'd say to him if I had the opportunity. Dear Twitter Friend, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is "Kenz." And at 29 years old, I'm an educated professional who is committed to becoming the person I want to be. [...]