A New Day
It's a new day, and that's a beautiful thing. If you read the post I wrote yesterday then you know I was having a bad afternoon. Note to self: Don't go shopping when it's that time of the month. I felt horrible because I went shopping and couldn't find anything I liked which led to feeling bad about myself, my body and even my progress (forgetting the fact that there are tons of days in which I find great buys shopping and tons in which I find nothing.) When I left the store, I went to the gym to burn off steam (and calories) then headed home to mope around a bit more. I called my Dad, and we talked for over an hour and a half. We talked about my weight-loss (and how it's awesome.) And we talked about everything else we thought about...the weather, our friends, etc. And by the time our call ended I was feeling much better. Then I laid on the floor and looked through some of the scrapbooks I've made, and I saw myself in pictures before I began losing [...]