My Way
Last night, I went out to pick up a few groceries, mostly ingredients for the homemade fudge, cookies and candy that I enjoy making during the holiday season. And a woman in the super market (who has noticed my weight loss before) said that if she were in my shoes, she would continue trying to lose weight after the holidays. Thankfully, she is not in my shoes...just saying. I also post status updates on Facebook almost religiously. (Yes...I am that person. hehe) And over the the last week or so, I've posted messages about standing over the stove preparing this stuff, and I've heard the same question from several people, including the woman at the market: "How do you make that stuff and still lose weight?" My answer is pretty simple...I don't eat much of it. I have a piece here and there, but I plan for it first. When I make any dish (dessert, dinner, hot chocolate) I use the recipe builder on WW e-tools to figure out point values of each piece. [...]