Friend Makin’ Monday: Embarrassing Moments
I have been under the weather all weekend so it feels as though the weekend should just be starting...not ending. But I enjoy Mondays because I love to participate in FMM. If you'd like to join the fun, head over to Amber's blog to post your link. This week, we are sharing our most embarrassing moments. Um, I've definitely had a lot of experience on this topic so the hardest part will be choosing the story. I suppose the easiest embarrassment I can recall was last January. (I posted about it, briefly, here.) I was just outside of the New York Public Library, it was bitterly cold outside. My friend, Mike, and I were walking down Fifth Avenue, and he said "Kenz, you must be freezing! Button your coat!" But I couldn't do it. It was so tight that I could not keep the wind out even with a heavy scarf so as tears filled my eyes, I shrugged it off and continued walking down the street. But Mike pressed the issue again before realizing that tears were [...]