Countdown To Christmas Calendar
It has been an extremely busy week, but I am happy to say that I lost 3.8 pounds this week! And even though this week has been loaded with fun, I'm looking forward to relaxing by the fireplace tomorrow as my boyfriend and I along with his family decorate our Christmas tree. And to get into the mood, I've started decorating...and my favorite new decoration this year the homemade 'Countdown to Christmas' calendar I made this week. I came up with the idea of making a unique calendar after seeing other calendars made by my friends, Jen and Amber. I was telling my friend, who owns a spectacular chocolate covered pretzel business called Heavenly Pretzels that I wanted to make a special calendar. And she suggested a chocolate covered pretzels calendar. Check out the website I just finished for her. Seriously friends...I cannot express how great these pretzels taste ( and they are only a couple of points each.) So, of course, I fell totally in love with the [...]