58.6 Pounds Down…:)
I weighed in tonight and lost 2.8 pounds which makes me very happy. I worked hard this week, and I was nervous (because of reasons only a girl could understand) that the scale would not be kind. But I'm satisfied with this loss, and I'm looking forward to next week. Last week I really stepped it up because I wanted to push through a plateau so I rode my bicycle more than usual, walked with girlfriends at a beautiful park, added thirty minutes every other day on the treadmill (keeping my heart rate at about 160) and went to the gym as usual. I also rode my recumbent bike when I couldn't ride outside. I ate (mostly) the right foods, and stayed active by cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and the den. (Tired, sweaty and disgusting, and sooooo happy.) I can honestly say that I did my best last week, and I plan to do it again this week. The Holiday Family Challenge that I started with my family has really helped me - a lot. I'm so thankful for them, and I'm [...]