Weighing In Today
Today is Thursday which means it's almost time to step on the scale. I'm nervous because I was away last week, and while I didn't do anything horrible, I definitely didn't eat as well as I would have if I had been at home. If you read my blog then you know that I travel a lot, and I feel so lucky to go to such beautiful places so often. I definitely would not trade my traveling habits for a pound or two of loss, but I would like to feel confident that I can go away and still lose weight. I did a lot of walking while I was in Colorado, but I didn't hit the gym or do much intense cardio. But I did not snack much while I was away. I ate a high fiber breakfast everyday then ate lunch and dinner with everyone else. And while I had a couple bites of an unhealthy treat, I said no to myself a lot. And I'm getting better at that. I like fudge and caramel apples and other chocolate goodies, but not as much as weighing a little less when I step on the scale. So the [...]