My New Set of Wheels
After months of wishing I could do it, I rode my very own bicycle last week. After shopping for a bike that would be cute, sturdy and comfortable I chose the Raleigh Venture 4.0, and I LOVE it. I was worried, several months ago, that I would literally crush the frame of the bike with my weight, but I walked into the store (over 50 pounds lighter) and learned that my future bike would not have trouble supporting my weight. While I'm not a pro yet, I can honestly tell you that it was so much fun to feel the wind in my hair. I feel so liberated when I'm on my bike. I'm thankful to live in a bicycle-friendly city, and I can't wait until I'm a confident rider who has no trouble zig zagging around other cyclists and obstacles. Until then, I'll just be happy that I'm trying -- and doing well enough to want to do more. This is an activity that I would not have attempted six months ago. And it is such an incredible feeling to know that I'm [...]