Pound For Pound
Last week Weight Watchers launched a campaign called Lose For Good. As WW members lose weight, Weight Watchers will donate up to one million dollars to help needy children and families. In the last five months I've lost 47 pounds. And I hope to add a little more to my total after weighing in tomorrow evening. Either way, I'm happy with the success I've had so far, and earlier tonight I decided to measure out 47 pounds of food to donate to those who could use it. In addition to the items pictured above, I will also donate Macaroni and Cheese (because what child doesn't love Mac and Cheese?) and some other non-perishables that weigh as much as the weight I've lost so far (even throwing in a couple extra pounds for tomorrow's weigh-in.) And after placing these items in bags to be delivered tomorrow I have to say, this stuff is heavy! Now I'm not so surprised that I already walk faster without feeling winded! I was carrying so much extra weight. Just [...]