Lesson Learned
I ate so much crap last week! I did it because a friend was in town though I didn't actually see her much so I can't really use that excuse. In fact, I don't think I ate more than two meals with her the entire time she was here. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we planned on enjoying authentic Italian food, Greek, real NY pizza, Thai and Pan-Asian food. The night she arrived I had other friends over (kind of like a watch party) so we ate pizza, green beans and cupcakes. I had two slices of pizza, half of a cupcake and a lot of green beans. I did it again the following day only without the green beans. And I ate at all of these restaurants (thinking she'd be doing it too) without her. I hadn't planned on cooking and reservations had been made so I went out anyway - determined to enjoy myself with or without her. And I did enjoy myself, but not as much as I thought I would. While I watched my portions I didn't make great choices. I [...]