Extreme Makeover: Me Edition
Amber from {ae filkins} asks a question each week. Those of us who answer, link together in support of each other. I participated with this on my other blog, but this will be the first time for my new blog. 🙂 It's great to know others working through the same struggles. If you want to join us just click here. This week, the question is: What is your favorite beauty secret? My favorite beauty secret is Mac Studio Fix Powder. I've used many products that are more expensive or popular, but this works best for me. Even if I choose not to wear base and/or concealer, my face looks good when I use it. It evens out my skin tone tremendously without making me look like a powder face. I also wear a lot of scarves. Even in warmer months I enjoy having a scarf loosely around my neck. It makes me look a little swanky without trying too hard. 😉 And my biggest secret is that I carry a snack with me most of time time. If I have a [...]